“Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center” SNCO (hereinafter referred to as The Center) was established as a result of the reorganization of the “Yerevan Center for Medical-Psychological-Pedagogical Assessment” SNCO in 2017 by RA Government, according to the decision N 10-N of January 12, 2012. The latter was the legal successor of Yerevan Boarding School N 5 and Yerevan Special School N 5.

Honored teacher of the RA Varduhi Katinyan made a significant contribution to the creation and development of the Center.

The activities of the Center are regulated by the Constitution and the Law of the Republic of Armenia, also by the legislation of RA and by the charter of the Center.


  • ✦ The subject of the Center is the coordination of pedagogical and psychological assistance. Also, providing a common framework for assessing and assisting the special educational needs of the child in educational field.
  • ✦ The aim of the Center is to increase child’s opportunities, accessibility and efficiency in educational process.
  • ✦ The Center provides pedagogical and psychological services to the administrative and pedagogical staff of educational institutions, employees of regional centers for pedagogical and psychological assistance, professional commissions, children with special educational needs, their parents and representatives of other organizations interested in organizing children’s education.


  • ✦ Provision of consultations
  • ✦ Organization of seminars and training courses
  • ✦ Development of educational and methodological materials and their provision to specialists who implement pedagogical and psychological service.


  • ✦ Determination of a unified approach to pedagogical and psychological assistance and needs of special education.
  • ✦ Development of normative legal acts regulating the sphere of providing pedagogical and psychological assistance.
  • ✦ Coordination of the work of Pedagogical and Psychological Support Regional Centers.
  • ✦ Carrying out informational and analytical work on pedagogical and psychological service.
  • ✦ Creation of database of children with special educational needs, data analysis and provision of recommendations for policy development and implementation.

The Center systematizes the process of formalizing the basis of special conditions for the education of a child by Regional Pedagogical and Psychological Support Centers, also presents consultations about organizing his/her education. The Center discusses the results of the needs assessment in the special conditions of the child’s education, issues related to the preparation and implementation of an individual training plan, the organization of educational support services, and, if necessary, reviews the results. In case, the parent does not agree with the results of the assessment of the child’s special educational needs by the Regional Pedagogical and Psychological Support Center, then he can appeal the results to the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center.

The Center cooperates with state, international, and non-governmental organizations, various Ministries of the Republic of Armenia, higher educational institutions, the National Center for Educational Technologies, as well as with all interested structures in order to more smoothly implement the system of total inclusive education in the Republic of Armenia. The aim of all these activities is the same: to recognize the interests of each child and to ensure the realization of his/her right to education on equal and accessible terms.

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