“Providing pedagogical – psychological support during the pandemic Covid-19” annual program

In November 2020, the annual program “Providing pedagogical–psychological support during the pandemic Covid-19” was launched as part of the cooperation between the UNICEF Armenia and the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center. The goal of the program is to develop the potential of specialists of the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center to provide assistance and rehabilitation after emergencies.

The program will be implemented in several directions:

  • ✦ Development of the necessary potential for organizing training, pedagogical and psychological support for children with special education needs during emergencies, and distance learning.
  • ✦ Development of tools for assessing needs in special education, as well as improvement and implementation of assessment procedures
  • ✦ Development and implementation of tools and methodological documents for assessing the special conditions of upbringing and development of preschoolers for the introduction of universal preschool inclusive education.
  • ✦ Development of types and lists of assistive technologies in the context of providing special conditions for education

The program provides not only measures to develop the potential of the staff of the Republican Pedagogical–Psychological Center, but also the training of all specialists of regional centers of pedagogical–psychological support, which contributes to improving the quality of pedagogical and psychological services, improving interaction with parents and increasing the effectiveness of inclusive education in general.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with international experts, which will provide accessible education for all.

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