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we kindly invite you to take part in “Inclusive Education” section training courses of the EduArmenia2022 Pan-Armenian Scientific-Educational Workshop.

The workshop will take place from July 1st to 4th. On July 1st and 2nd the workshop will be held offline at the Armenian State Pedagogical University. Additionally, on July 3rd and 4th the workshop will be held online.

Check agenda of the workshop:

UNICEF supports the organization of EduArmenia2022 Pan-Armenian Scientific-Educational Workshop “Inclusive Education” section.

The “Inclusive Education” section of the EduArmenia2022 Pan-Armenian Scientific-Educational Workshop is being implemented in cooperation with the Republican Pedagogical – Psychological Center and the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

Get acquainted with the speakers of EduArmenia2022 Pan-Armenian Scientific-Educational Workshop “Inclusive Education” section below:

Dear Colleagues,

The official Facebook page of the Republican Pedagogical – Psychological Center was hacked on March 15.

Unfortunately, as a result, the Facebook page ( is no longer available for us.

Any information posted after March 15th is inconsistent with the Center’s official positions. Therefore, I urge our subscribers to ignore that page.

Please join our new page for official information on RPPC activities from now:

Araksia Svajyan

Director of the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center

Hurry up to join “MIASIN” theater group until 13th May

Children studying in 4-9 grades can apply.

The head of the theater group is director, playwright Marine Asatryan.

Future actors will take part in performances, communicate with their peers, will have the opportunity to create, to develop their potential skills, to feel the art sphere.

To apply, you need to fill out an application

🧡 We look forward to seeing you! 🧡

We will create “TOGETHER”

We would like to inform you that the deadline for registration of SPEAKERS is April 30, 2022.

“INCLUSIVE EDUCATION” block is divided into 6 main sections.

  • ✦ Inclusive education policy, value formation
  • ✦ Inclusive teaching strategies, including the total formation of education
  • ✦ Providing educational environment adaptations, including the usage of assistive technologies
  • ✦ Preschool age inclusion
  • ✦ Inclusion in post-school education
  • ✦ Organizing the education for children with exceptional skills.

If the above mentioned topics are part of your research and you can make a report on them during the EduArmenia PanArmenian conference, then hurry to register.


Attention: Only SPEAKERS can register here.

Within the framework of RA state budget for 2022 of the “Implementation of the Total Inclusive Education System” program.

The grant is intended in two directions: to provide pedagogical-psychological support services in the RA Tavush, Ararat, Vayots Dzor marzes and to provide measures to support the organization of education of children with SEN.

Source: RA MoESCS Official Webpage

On April 21, at 11։00, expanded meeting in teleconference format on topic “Special education of the XXI century” took place with Professional Council of Special Education of the Committee on Education and Science of CIS and the Committee of the RF State Duma on Education and Science.

RPPC Director Araksia Svajyan took part in the conference on behalf of the RA MօESCS.

The topic of the report is “The system of inclusive education and perspectives for further development in Armenia”.

Main directions of work:

✦ Systems of special education, regional experience, time requirements.

✦ Inclusive systems of education and psychological-pedagogical support of children with SEN.

✦ Models of comprehensive support of preschool and school children with SEN and their families.

✦ Organizational, educational, methodological, consulting and monitoring support of vocational guidance and training for people with disabilities.

✦ Psychological, pedagogical, medical and social support to children with autism.

✦ Comprehensive medical, psychological-pedagogical rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants.

✦ Socio-cultural rehabilitation in organizations of secondary vocational and higher education.

On April 7, at 14:00-15:00, Panel discussion will take place at the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center.

Theme: “Prevention and reduction of bullying in the educational environment”

Discussion topics:

✦ Bullying problems in RA schools

✦ Teachers’ responsibilities in reducing and preventing bullying

✦ Bullying laws and regulations

✦ Systematic approaches for reducing bullying in the educational environment.


✦ Araksia Svajyan-Director of the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center

✦ Irina Alewert-Director of “Global to Local”

✦ Ivetta Shahbazyan- Human Rights Defender’s Office, Head of Children’s Rights Department

✦ Aida Muradyan-World Vision Armenia, “Accessible Social Services Program” Manager

✦ Ashkhen Dashyan- legal expert

✦ Alina Manukyan- Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center specialist, psychologist

The event will take place within the framework of the “Reduction of Bullying in Public Schools” program implemented in cooperation with the Republican Pedagogical- Psychological Center and “Global to Local” organization.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

You can ask your questions related to the topic in advance or during the event by writing on our Facebook page.

We will be honored if you find time to be present at the opening ceremony of the Exhibition entitled “SURPRISE FOR MOTHERS” on April 07, at 11:00 am

Many artists, parents, and other honorable authorities will be guests of the event. Among the guests will be the RA Honored Artist – Anna Harutyunyan.

Children with developmental disabilities will present their paintings, which will be a special gift and psychological encouragement for their parents….

Our address is: 12 Kajaznuni Street, Yerevan, Email:


The Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center announces a competition for the involvement of mentors in Gegharkunik and Kotayk regions within the framework of the “Ensuring the development of teaching skills of secondary school teachers and teacher assistants” program, which is implemented with RA MoESCS.

In 2020, Kotayk and Gegharkunik regions have made a transition to universal inclusive education, within the framework of which all schools in the above-mentioned regions will provide inclusive education. A key precondition for the effective organization of this process is the development of teacher’s pedagogical skills.

The aim of the “Ensuring the Development of Teaching Skills for Teachers and Teacher Assistants” program implemented by the RPPC is to contribute to the development of the capacity of secondary school teachers through continuous mentoring, promoting the full inclusion of children with SEN, and effective education.

As a result of the competition, 10 teachers will be selected in each region, who will participate in the training courses organized by RPPC. Also, they will use the mentoring support module and tools, implement a continuous support program (training courses and mentoring support) for other secondary school teachers.

One of the main preconditions for applying to the program is:

  • ✦ Having a higher pedagogical education
  • ✦ Being a resident of Gegharkunik or Kotayk region
  • ✦ Being an active teacher
  • ✦ Having at least 5 years of work experience
  • ✦ Having the ability to communicate and work in a team
  • ✦ Accessibility and flexibility to conduct training courses in the regions
  • ✦ Knowledge of computer programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) Knowing at least one foreign language
  • ✦ Having organizational, quick orientation, and initiative skills

Interested candidates can send their CV and cover letter to until December 30th.

The Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center provides psychological consultation and support to families affected by the Artsakh war.

For more information please contact us Tel: +374 10 552495

The Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center resumes the provision of the following services of pedagogical and psychological assistance:

  • ✦ speech therapist
  • ✦ ocial teachers
  • ✦ psychologist
  • ✦ art therapy
  • ✦ dance therapy

These services are intended for preschool children with complex and multiple problems. Children are recruited for the 2020-2021 academic year.


Contacts for registration: (010) 559-451

Adress: Kajaznuni 12, Yerevan

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