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Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center


Funding for TPPSCs will be organized in a new form. Now, it will increase inclusive education support services.

RPPC director A.Svajyan said, that previously the Centers were divided into small, medium and large groups, and basically the number of children in their service area was taken into account. So, now they will take into account the density of children in the given establishment.

By the decision of the government, new posts will be approved, also a common salary policy will be operate for each one. The specialists of the RPPSCs provide special pedagogical-psychological ➤➤

The project for the law “On making additions and changes to the Law of the Republic of Armenia” On General Education ” has been submitted for public discussion.

The proposed additions and changes are aimed at general education management, inclusion and content reforms, aiming to introduce more flexible and up-to-date approaches to a number of system processes, as well as the use of new tools.

Our experience allows us to assess the problems of the inclusive education system and suggest various approaches which will improve the quality of educational services provided to children with SEN by promoting real inclusion.

However, we are talking about a clear distribution of functions and responsibilities at different levels, a more targeted definition and assessment of the need for special educational conditions, the introduction of digitalization of the process, monitoring and assessment mechanisms.

In the process of inclusive education, as a result of the development of the law, it will be possible to more effectively implement the process of organizing education for children with SEN, providing accessible education for every child.

Follow the link to learn more about the suggested changes to the law:


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