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Here is the tenth webinar conducted in cooperation with the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center and Perkins School for the Blind.

Topic: “Development of gross motor skills in children who are visually impaired”

The speaker is the expert of “Perkins International” Elena Spioniak

The speaker will present the typical development of gross motor skills, comparing the same processes for children with visual impairment. The participants will gain fundamental insights about the specifics of working with children, starting with the organization of the environment, approaches to developing tasks, taking into account the components of early development, as well as considering different body movements in the general overview of a child’s development.

The online webinar will take place on February 28, 2024, at 20:00

Follow the link: 🔗 to preregister by February 22, at 18:00

Participation is free.

Don’t miss the chance to get acquainted with the best practices by international partners in Armenian.

Apply to become a member of “MIASIN” team. It’s free.

We are happy to welcome everyone, who:

  • ✦ loves theater
  • ✦ wants to discover new talents in themselves
  • ✦ wants to overcome the fears and difficulties of socializing
  • ✦ wants to communicate and cooperate with peers
  • ✦ wants to fill his/her day with new emotions
  • ✦ wants to spend interesting time discovering the amazing world of theater art.

“MIASIN” (Together) inclusive theater of the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center is already about two years old. During these years they performed a number of performances: “Stronger than it seems”, “Christmas tree”, “Peaceful childhood”, “The jurney of the water Lily”.

We want to emphasize, that the young actors of the “MIASIN” theater have many achievements in other areas of life as well. Drama therapy has a positive effect on children’s opportunities for self-expression, it helps them to achieve success outside of art.

The director is Marine Asatryan. She is a drama therapist, who uses her many years of experience to reveal the children’s creativity and to help them fully involve in public life. The theater has effective experience of staging the performances in Yerevan and regions as well.

For details: 095 52 16 95

Want more? Check the link to find out more about “MIASIN” theater: “MIASIN” THEATER


2023 was a significant year for the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center.

Bringing toghether all works done, we are presenting the 2023 report of the Republican Pedagogical- Psychological Center’s activity in a brief video.

We are grateful to our partners for effective cooperation, important investments in the field of education and willingness to support our work.

So, we want 2024 to be even more effective and motivating!


‼️The Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center of MoESCS of RA together with Territorial Pedagogical-Psychological Support Centers provides psychological counseling and support for children and their families forcibly displaced from Nagorno Karabakh.

For more details:

ℹ️ Follow the link to learn additional information on RPPC and TPPSCs:

Recent Posts

To provide appropriate pedagogical-psychological support to children forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh and their families as quickly and efficiently as possible a number of steps have been taken and coordinated by the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center.

During these days, the RPPC cooperates with TPPSCs, school directors, and various partners providing pedagogical and psychological services in order to organize the work efficiently.

RPPC and Territorial Pedagogical-Psychological Support Centers (TPPSCs) provided primary psychological support to around 374 forcibly displaced children and their families from Nagorno-Karabakh. ➤➤➤


The Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center is a state non-commercial organization. The aim of the Center is to increase child’s opportunities, accessibility and efficiency in educational process.

The Center organizes training courses and consultations. We also develop methodological guidelines, materials and manuals aimed at increasing the efficiency of the process of organizing inclusive education and improving the professional skills of pedagogical workers involved in this process.

Furthermore, the Center carries out appealing of assessment results, monitoring and public awareness activities. ➤➤➤



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