Department of Content Development

The main functions of the Department of content development are:

  • Development of educational and methodological literature for more effective organization of education for children with special educational needs.
  • Submitting suggestions to create didactic materials and accessories that contribute to effective learning.
  • Provision with suggestions and with professional conclusion about content materials, didactic games sent for discussion, which are developed by specialists of the Center, Regional Pedagogical-Psychological Support Centers (hereinafter referred to as RPPSC) or other structures.
  • Adapting teaching aids and supplementary materials for students with special educational needs.
  • Determination of the pilot (trial) stage of the developed materials, execution, development of questionnaires, provision with contacts.
  • Ensuring ongoing cooperation with the educational institution or institutions intended for the implementation of the pilot (trial) phase.
  • Conducting research, monitoring and analysis on content materials and the process of developing accessories.
  • Studying of content developed by the RPPSC and providing with professional point of view.
  • Cooperation with authors and co-authors of textbooks, curricula and standards of general education subjects.
  • Coverage of the developed material (materials) through seminars, meetings, discussions, videos.
  • Planning and organizing regular meetings with teachers, assistants and RPPSC specialists.
  • Organization of meetings with parents of children with special educational needs, about proposals and observations identified by them, regarding the availability and adaptation of educational material.
  • Organization of regular meetings and discussions with specialists of the field, with people and representatives of organizations with advanced teaching experience.
  • Collaboration with the Department of training and methodological support of the Center for developing the inclusion of various materials in training courses.
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