Bulling reduction program in secondary schools


In cooperation with the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center and the Swedish organization “Global to Local”, a program is being launched to reduce bullying in public schools.

On December 24, 2020, within the framework of the above-mentioned program, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Republican Pedagogical – Psychological Center and the “Global to Local” organization, Stepanavan primary school No. 2, Karnut and Sarigyukh secondary schools, according to which, in 2021, in schools included in the program, it is planned to conduct introductory courses on the topic “Bullying, its manifestations – prevention in schools” for parents and teachers, which will allow understanding the phenomenon of “bullying” and the role of all sides, especially parents’ and teachers’. Within the framework of the program, the “Theater for Changes” organization will organize interactive performances on the topic of “Bullying” for children, which will form ideas of bullying in the most accessible and interesting way about its negative impact and problems of overcoming. Within the framework of the program, it is planned to conduct several training courses by international experts for specialists of the Department of training and methodological support of the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center. On December 24, the first session of the cycle of courses “Bullying, its prevalence, and prevention” started, which was hosted by Irina Alevert, president of the Swedish organization “Global to Local”.

Using the final results of the project (training modules, tutorials, videos, etc.), the specialists of the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center plan to host training courses for secondary school teachers, RPPC specialists to reduce the level of bullying in educational institutions. Make children more informed, protect them in such situations, and, in general, help to create a non-violent environment.

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