”Individual Educational Plan”, Methodological guideline


''Individual Educational Plan'' (IEP) is a unique plan to make education easier for students with SEN. The effective individual planning of a learner's learning and pedagogic support services includes the major areas of the learner's educational needs, reasonable accommodations to meet those needs, programmatic accommodations, and types and volumes of support services.
"Individual Educational Plan" presents the way the processes of planning and implementing the teaching and learning process of students with SEN, as well as the processes of developing, reviewing, and evaluating the IEP, based on the "Procedure for providing pedagogical and psychological support services for the organization of education" and ''RA Law "On Public Education".
This manual contains methodical instructions about what is IEP, why it is important, who is involved in the process, and in what sequence of steps it should be implemented to ensure the effectiveness of education.
Also, the guide aims to support teachers, teacher assistants, professionals providing pedagogical and psychological services, and parents to have a practical and realistic dialogue about the needs of the learner, to find creative ways to meet those needs, to carry out the process of developing the IEP more clearly and systematically, resulting in an effective working document.

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