Department of pedagogical-psychological assistance

The main functions of the Department of pedagogical-psychological assistance are:

  • Provision of educational and psychological services to children with SEN who are beneficiaries of the Center.
  • Maintenance of documents on pedagogical and psychological services provided to children with SEN of the Center.
  • Consultation of parents whose children have special educational needs.
  • Conduct of planned and ongoing advanced training courses, seminars for the centers of professional pedagogic and psychological assistance, employees of preschool educational establishments, implementation of planned and ongoing professional auxiliary and professional consultations.
  • Development of joint modules with the training staff for advanced training courses and seminars.
  • Holding meetings-discussions between members of the team providing pedagogical and psychological assistance.
  • Conduct of advanced training courses and seminars for parents, representatives of organizations interested in organizing the education for children with SEN (state-public structures, GNCO, NGOs, foundations, etc.).
  • Conducting planned and ongoing advanced training courses and seminars for specialists of the Center.
  • Improvement of the process of organizing education for children with SEN, also joint work with departments of the Center for the development of methodological manuals, didactic materials and articles, which are aimed at developing the potential our specialists.
  • Organization of experience exchange.
  • Participation in the process of reviewing and developing the process of providing pedagogic and psychological assistance to children with SEN, (individual education plan (IPO), monitoring, etc.).
  • Research, monitoring and analysis of the process of pedagogical and psychological professional assistance for children with SEN.
  • Carrying out information and analytical work on the provision of pedagogic and psychological assistance service.
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