Department of Information and Social Relations

The main functions of the Department of information and social relations are:

  • Development of media marketing strategies of the Center in social networks.
  • Working with SMI to coverage activities and programs of the Center.
  • Implementation of programming and maintenance of the official site of the Center.
  • Development of the content for the official site of the Center, collection, systematization and addition of information.
  • Maintenance of the social page of the Center and step-by-step development.
  • Compilation of electronic news, announcements, events and posting on the official website of the Center and in social networks.
  • Coverage of educational and methodological activities, trainings, discussions, seminars, various meetings, which are held at the Center.
  • Provision of information for specialists, media representatives, parents of children availing of the services of the Center.
  • Implementation of information and analytical work on the provision of pedagogical and psychological assistance services (polls, monitoring, conclusion).
  • Provision of necessary information and assistance for the work carried out by the departments of the Center.
  • Availability of information and analytical work according to the evidence of the pedagogical and psychological assistance service (reports, monitoring, conclusion).
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