“Education is the pillar of the state” Teaching conference 2024

The conference aims to:

Highlight the local manifestations of the pedagogical approaches of modern mainstream education, to unite the intellectual potential of the teaching community in the work of implementing the state standard of general education, to bring the content of modern teaching methodology and teaching methods into a unified field, contributing to the progress of effective pedagogical experience.

The issues of the conference are:

  • ✦ discussing current issues of pedagogy,
  • ✦ covering the research done in the field of pedagogy, teaching methodology,
  • ✦ analyzing the results of the implementation of the general educational state standard, the main trends, values, and perspectives of the development of pedagogy.

For the participating teachers the conference provides an opportunity to present to the audience their research works, studies, to develop communication skills, creative thinking, as well as to establish relations with teachers from other schools.

General Provisions

One of the most important tasks of the educational system is to support the development of the intellectual potential of the teaching community.

Organizing and holding the conference provides an opportunity to discover, discuss, and develop the capabilities of each teacher.

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