Ensuring the development of teaching skills of teachers and teacher assistants Program

Since December 2019, the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center) has been implementing the program “Ensuring the development of pedagogical skills of teachers of secondary schools and teacher assistants”, which is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia. Within the framework of the program, mentoring support will be provided more than 2,000 teachers and teacher assistants from 120 schools in Yerevan, also teachers and teacher assistants from Shirak and Aragatsotn (marzes) of the RA.

In 2019 on the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia, the “Teach Armenia” Educational Foundation, with the funding of the United Nations Children’s Fund, implemented the “Development of Teachers’ Inclusive Teaching Capacity” program. Within the framework of the program, 60 mentors were selected, who will provide training and mentoring assistance in different schools of RA, in order to develop the professional skills of inclusive subject teachers.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia has delegated the work of implementation of the above-mentioned program, quality control, coordination of mentors’ work to the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center within the framework of the program “Ensuring the development of teaching skills of secondary school teachers”.


The purpose of this program is to test the mentoring support system for teachers, including the continuous development of teaching skills.

The program consists of the following stages:

1. Basic training /30 classroom hours/

2. Gradually decreasing ongoing mentoring support, which includes:

  • ✦ Teachers, who check the education process
  • ✦ Lesson analysis, lesson feedback, planning next steps
  • ✦ Joint lesson planning by mentor and teacher
  • ✦ Review of lesson plans, comments, discussion
  • ✦ Additional support as needed (professional questions, case studies, etc.).

The mentoring support offered has a methodology and toolkit.

A monitoring group has been created to monitor and coordinate the project in order to:

  • ✦ Demonstrate the effectiveness of reducing mentoring training and mentoring support
  • ✦ Conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis, as a result of which the concept and content of the program will be improved, its continuity will be ensured
  • ✦ Keep track of the proper execution of the work done by the mentors (schedule, classes, collaborations, quality of plans, quantity, reporting, etc.).


Partnership and collaborative work is very important for us and we are sure that we will increase the effectiveness of education
for all children with our joint efforts.


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