Improving the system of pedagogical – psychological support services for children with SEN

In cooperation with the UNICEF Armenia office, the program “Improving the pedagogical and psychological support service system for children with SEN” is implemented, which includes:

  • ✦ Development and piloting of a new special educational needs assessment toolkit
  • ✦ Development and piloting of a new Individual Educational Plan form
  • ✦ Development of the procedure for providing pedagogical – psychological support services for the organization of education for children from 0-6 years old
  • ✦ Implementation of the piloting program for the transformation of the Resource Center of the special educational complex for children with hearing impairments, development of procedures, forms, methodological and professional manuals.
  • ✦ Development of a professional toolkit (including sign language teaching methodology) and organization of training courses for TPPSCs.
  • ✦ Development of a training course module in three blocks: for the teachers working with students who are deaf, for the specialist of the educational centers who provide pedagogic-psychological services, and for the parents.
  • ✦ Development of methodological manuals for the three target groups mentioned: teachers, parents, and specialists of educational establishments.
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