”MIASIN” Theater

The newly created “MIASIN” (Together) inclusive theater of the Republican Pedagogical-Psychological Center was established in March 2022.

The director is Marine Asatryan. She has been working in this sphere since 1988. During these years, she created and managed different theater groups, contributing to the inclusion and vocational orientation of the participants.

The theater has 12 participants.

The aim of this theater is to discover children’s creative potential, involving them in social life through art and teaching them to cooperate with each other. We want to inform and change attitudes toward children with SEN.

We wish to create diversity as a value and ensure real inclusion in our life with the help of various interesting performances, which are held in Yerevan and other regions of the Republic of Armenia.


  • ✦ “The Journey of the Water Lily”
  • ✦ “Peaceful Childhood”
  • ✦ “Christmas Tree”
  • ✦ ”Stronger than it Seems”
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